Let's Talk: Women Against Sexual Assault

Our Goals


Let's Talk is allied with Bainbridge Youth Services to provide more resources for those affected by sexual abuse. We offer one-on-one peer support, small group peer support, and BYS led group counseling. Our aim is to create a safe, comfortable space for survivors to talk about their experiences without the additional trauma of reporting. Feel free to email us to schedule a session. 

Our members are advocating for four years of consent-based sex education throughout high school, as well as consent talks all the way from K-12. It's never too early to begin talking to your children about their bodily autonomy. It starts at home!

We are working with BIPD to implement new training programs for detectives investigating sexual assault cases. As of now, the investigation process is incredibly uncomfortable, invasive, and traumatic for survivors. We are pushing for more sensitivity training and, eventually, a designated detective to work solely with sexual assault survivors.


Officer Training

Consent, Consent, Consent!